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Costa Rica
Mavi SolucionesMavi SolucionesMavi Soluciones


Technology Information

We design and manage technological solutions that will facilitate the correct decision making.

We are specialists in computer science and offer the integral solutions for your company in the technology field which allows to reduce costs in operation and complexity of technological platform.

We offer you solutions on connectivity, Wi-Fi, structured wiring to obtain a greater coverage and good performance of the net, also, implementation of TECHNOLOGICAL SWOT that will allow to obtain clarity of your technological resource.

We provide you the technical support that you search for your company. We work individualized attention and with ticket system, so you can map or track the progress and online answers, facilitating time and movements. The attention can be in the form of presential or remote maintenance contracts, everything according to its needs.

Our goal is to become part for your company´s history facilitating a growth and optimization in resources and strategies for your business.

We offer advice in structured wiring and Data Center management in order to be able to obtain a better control of the points of the network for the fastest resolution of the common problems of the network.

We advise in the purchase of servers or their replacement with the purpose of optimizing the computing resources, as well as the equipment replacement or relocation.

We have personnel highly specialized in printers for an efficient job.

We wish to be your best strategic allies in the area of technology and help you to establish the best investment in this field.


We want to be your strategic allies in computing and help you to establish the best investment in this field.

We have presential or remote maintenance contracts for your company according with their size.

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