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Professional Cleaning

Our base of ordinary cleaning watches out for the correct and adequate conservation, protection, and maintenance of our customers facilities. After an on-site visit where a correct inspection is done, one of our specialists in MAVI Soluciones, evaluates the specific needs of the customer where they design, establish, and execute a customized service. And according to the customer needs, guarantees an optimal level of cleaning, hygiene, and facility disinfection.

The personnel involved with the cleaning work is duly trained and qualified for the machinery and material usage during the job, as well as for the correct usage of chemicals and cleaning products. In MAVI Soluciones, we concern for the environment and that is why all of our cleaning products are 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.


Cleaning for the proper maintenance of the facilities; buildings, corporate centers, offices, commercial premises, supermarkets, Sports centers, schools, hotels, tourist accommodation, restaurants, museums, airports, warehouses, etc.

At MAVI Soluciones we are specialists in Deep cleaning of facilities, post-construction cleaning, treatment and floor polishing, roof cleaning, upholstery, high rise windows and façade treatment, among others. Each one of these jobs is done by qualified personnel and professional and industrial equipment to guarantee a proper finish and correct service delivered. We make sure to cover all the areas centimeter by centimeter.

Within the ordinary cleaning staff, we can find basic duties.

Daily Tasks:

Weekly tasks:

Biweekly tasks:

Monthly tasks:

Each one of these tasks can vary, depending on the customer´s needs and the frequency each gets dirty, likewise they are done in coordination with the person in charge of the cleaning for its appropriate operation and maintenance.

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