Mavi Soluciones: Multiple service integrator offering facility services for your company
Mavi SolucionesMavi SolucionesMavi Soluciones
Costa Rica
Mavi SolucionesMavi SolucionesMavi Soluciones



In MAVI we take care of your facilities and the design, implementation, operation, and supervision of the necessary services, under the management of only one provider. Within the maintenance, we have prevention maintenance contracts for the facilities and minor maintenance of the facilities (Handyman).

The personalized attention and the presence of a technician in the facilities. The commitment with quality, security and environment policies extends to all of our integral maintenance activities of the buildings. We offer specific and personalized solution based on the type of activity done in the facilities, as well as its size.

We optimize your facilities availability, with an immediate response for any incident (helpdesk), in addition to a fluid communication with our experts.


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