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Costa Rica
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Civil Works

We have a multidisciplinary team that integrates experience in Architecture and Engineering. We focus in providing full attention to our customers’ needs to create purpose spaces.

We conceptualize and materialize innovative spaces with the new global normality, generating a major communication and dynamic teamwork. We foment a culture of collaboration, productivity, and wellbeing through workspace.

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Project Design:

Experts in Construction Finishes:

Project Design:

Preliminary Studies

In this phase the necessary studies are done for the appropriate elaboration of the Project and the different documents required are obtained according with the type of project, for the future approval of the blueprints before the C.F.I.A and the Municipality.

Preliminary Design

It is the phase of the job where the fundamental aspects and the general characteristics of the work are exposed. A proposal is developed based in the customer´s requests, materials to be used, conceptual structure, spatial configuration design, furniture location and design, illumination proposal, among other details, everything under the concept that will guide the design process, to equip the work of a unique aesthetic and character.


Blueprints are created, in conjunction with all the technical specifications of the project. A set of blueprints will be given which includes the following: Architectural plan and its details, Plan and finishing table, mechanical installations plan and its details (Drinking water system, sewage, among other requirements if needed), Electricity distribution plant and details (Light circuits, outlets, voice, and data).

3D Projects Design

We elaborate tridimensional models of your project. The 3D visualization of the space allows us to integrate the technical specifications of our structural, architectonic and electromechanics equipment. This phase is essential for the project´s conception and its development since it facilitates the premature detection of inconsistencies in the project at esthetic as well as functional level. This way, it means a substantial saving in time and cost of the work.

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